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Tooth Decay Check: 6 of the Sugariest Snacks to Avoid

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Have you ever wondered, how much sugar is too much sugar for us? Consuming sugar isn’t always a bad thing. As the major carbohydrate and adequately required source of energy, sugar acts as the power source for our bodies. But we should also keep in mind as adults and often ask ourselves this question – Is unlimited feasting of sugar, too much of a good thing? Understand the necessity of sugar in your diet and use them accordingly.

Also, most of the parents who are worried about their children consuming too much sugar in their routine diets, are advised to check the food labels whenever you are trying to buy something for your children and always keep a check on unhealthy snacking habits and discourage the young ones from consuming such unwholesome food. There are so many healthy alternatives these days, consider adding such healthy options to their diet. Taking such measures would help lower their risk of oral health and contain them from general health problems.

We have combined a couple of snacks which are the most common culprits of causing damage to your teeth, as follows:

Number 1: Pudding Mix

If you’re that person who loves to splurge on an instant pudding mix for family desserts or a guilty snack, here’s a quick heads up – please check the nutritional label just to see how much sugar they contain, you will think twice before you start binging on them, next time!

Number 2: Ice Cream

Not all ice creams are created with equal parts of sugar, but before you decide to treat yourself with that sugary scoop, try to check the sugar content of your favourite flavour beforehand and choose the flavours accordingly. Also keep in mind the same general rule of cross-checking in advance, before ordering them for your children too.

Number 3: Dried and Canned Fruit

Yes, you might be taken back seeing the 3rd culprit. Usually, fresh fruits are highly recommended as part of healthy food habits, but unfortunately, that’s no the case with dried fruits. You would have noticed that while having dried fruits, it would stick to the teeth and leave residue’s increasing the risk of tooth decay. These dried fruits are also undoubtedly high in sugar.

Number 4: Cakes

Cakes are a good addition to any surprises, but it wouldn’t come as a surprise that many cakes are fully loaded with sugar. Consider buying or replacing the sugar-filled cakes with delicious low-sugar and sugar-free cake recipes out there. Also, keep in mind cakes with icing can include up to 50g to 60g sugar in every single slice.

Number 5: Lollies

Yes, how can we miss mentioning these little treats to our list? The lollies that need to be avoided are the sticky varieties, which could be harder to remove from the teeth and can attract a lot of bacteria, growing high risks of tooth decay. If you still prefer having them occasionally, do not forget to clean your teeth at regular intervals or the least good habit you could practice is to rinse your mouth without fail.

Number 6: Chocolate

White chocolate and milk chocolate are the sugary treats that need to be avoided, especially the confectionery bars and buttons which often contain high sugar per serving. The only good news with chocolates is: Dark chocolates have lesser sugar, they are easier on your teeth and fairly easy to rinse off your mouth, or at least remember to drink water as soon as you eat them.

It is better late than never to look after your teeth.

There are few precautionary measures that you could follow to look after your oral health and general wellbeing.

  • To start with keep a tab on how much intake of sugar is part of your day today’s diet
  • Constantly remember that limiting sugary treats can help you lower your risk of tooth decay
  • Always cross-check on how much of sugar is contained in every packaged food that you buy
  • Make sure you compare the sugar levels with other available products and make a choice
  • Consider healthier alternative’s such as – natural yogurt, unsweetened dairy goods, fresh fruits and vegetables
  • All the healthier alternatives will help you to strengthen your pearly whites against plaque
  • Make it a habit to brush your teeth twice a day and preach flossing every day
  • Drink plenty of water and visit our dentists for regular check-ups or laser dentistry.

If you feel your oral health is at a stage where all of the above measures wouldn’t suffice your condition, get in touch with our friendly dentists of Ashton Avenue Dental Practice – for an elaborate consultation and our experts will evaluate your overall oral health and recommend relevant treatment based on your requirement.

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