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Tooth Cavities Treatment

The most important factor in controlling dental decay can be identified when we break down the chain of events that causes cavities such as bacteria in plaque and sugar that create acid and destroy your tooth enamel causing tooth decay.


Bacteria in plaque use sugar to produce acids, which attack the enamel on your teeth resulting in tooth decay.

Now, looking at the equation above, let’s look at the three ways we can prevent the formation of cavities.


Reduce The Level of Plaque

If we can reduce the level of plaque and bacteria in our mouths, less acid will be produced. A simple way to do this is by brushing and flossing after meals to wash away bacteria and leftover food stuck in your teeth. Also, using an antiseptic mouthwash to kill the remaining bacteria after brushing helps ensure that your mouth is free of leftover plaque.

Diet Control (Sugar Control)

We can decrease the time that harmful sugars are present in our mouths by not eating sugary snacks and choosing foods that don’t stick to the teeth. The rate that decay is attacking a tooth is directly related to the number of times per day that we eat foods that contain harmful sugars. So, it is not surprising that many cavities appear within a short time when a child eats lollies all-day-long between meals. Hence, you should reduce the intake of sugary and acidic foods and drinks and try to limit these foods to mealtimes.


Making the Enamel More Resistant to Acid Attack

Using a fluoride mouth rinse and fluoride toothpaste helps protect your teeth from decay. Fluoride ions bond chemically with the teeth, producing tooth enamel which is then more resistant to the attack of acids created from sugar and bacteria.

Now you know that eating sugar-rich foods between meals is one of the worst things that you can do to your teeth. If you avoid the foods which “trigger” the decay-producing acid, you eliminate one major cause of tooth decay.

Need tooth cavities treatment in Claremont? Consult Ashton Avenue’s dentist today!

Need tooth cavities treatment in Claremont?

Consult Ashton Avenue’s dentist today!


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