Tooth Decay Treatment

Tooth decay is the result of the tooth enamel (the hard-outer surface layer of the tooth) becoming soften by acid, which is caused by eating or drinking anything containing sugar. Over time, the acid can cause a hole in the tooth which is also called tooth cavity/tooth decay. 

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What Causes Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay/tooth cavities biggest cause is your diet. Sugary foods often get converted by the bacterial plaque in your mouth, from sugar to energy and acid into a waste product, which will result in tooth decay/tooth caries.

Tooth decay/tooth caries often start as a little white or dark spot on the surface of your tooth enamel and will then get developed into a tooth cavity (hole in the tooth). If left untreated the tooth decay/tooth caries can become a tooth cavity. If the tooth cavity is not treated the tooth decay can get deeper into the tooth and cause a toothache or an abscess.

Prevention of Tooth Decay

Risk Factors

The following factors will increase the risk of getting tooth decay/tooth cavities:


Treatment for Dental Decay/Dental Cavities

Great news, early decay is reversible. Saliva can deposit minerals back onto the tooth surface and improvement of your oral hygiene and diet can make a big difference. Early tooth decay treatment such as fissure sealants is also recommended to prevent tooth decay/ tooth caries. 

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