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Tooth Decay in Children – 5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Child from Tooth Decay

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Tooth decay can be the major threat to your child’s dental health. Don’t you know how to get rid of tooth decay? Here are the best ways to keep cavities, and tooth decay at bay.

5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Child from Tooth Decay

Routine Dental Check-Ups

Preschool children should visit the Claremont dentist at least once a year. By grade one, they should be seen twice a year.

Create a Daily Hygiene Routine

Help your child brush at least twice a day and ensure you are flossing their teeth for them once a day. Children do not develop the dexterity to brush and floss adequately until about the age of 8 or 9.

You must follow these good oral health techniques for your child

Use Dental Sealants

Get sealants applied on the inner surface of teeth to cover the pits and grooves. They act as a barrier between harmful foods or beverages and your child’s teeth.

Give Up Harmful Foods

Sugary drinks, including fruit juice, acidic foods or snacks rich in carbohydrates can stick to your child’s teeth and get trapped in the crevices. This results in bacteria formation and leads to decay.

Encourage Healthy Eating

Encourage your child to eat a healthy diet with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables.

Bottom Line:

These all are the simple ways to protect your child from tooth decay. But if its already occurred in your child’s teeth and creating problem then you must visit Ashton Avenue Dental Practice’s trusted children dentist near Claremont or you can visit your family dentist.

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