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7 Myths about Sleep Dentistry – Myth Busters Series

Myths about Sleep Dentistry

Do you have anxiety about going to a dental clinic?

Have you heard a lot about sleep dentistry, but are still afraid and not exactly sure about it?

For all people who still have fears, those of us here at Ashton Avenue Dental would like to tell you the 7 top myths associated with sedation/sleep dentistry.

Myth #1 – Sedation dentistry is only done for major procedures.

This is not true, you can opt for sleep dentistry for any dental procedure in the clinic, even if it is scaling & polishing! This is particularly useful for children who are uncooperative or people with special needs who may not be able to control involuntary movements.

Myth #2 – Sleep dentistry is only for people who have a phobia

Sleep dentistry makes dental procedures much easier. If you have a gag reflex, or you have a long visit with your dentist and would like to feel relaxed, it will definitely be better for you.

Myth #3 – Sedation will make me sleep after the appointment.

The time taken for the medication to completely wear off differs among people, and it also differs according to the type of sedation used. However, it will not last for more than two hours and most people are able to go home without any residual effect.

Myth #4 – Sedation will make me sleep during the appointment.

Sedation dentistry is not like general anesthesia, it affects everyone differently, but no procedure will make you completely unconscious.

Although you won’t be completely aware of everything that is going on or even remember most of what happened during your procedure, you are completely relaxed not asleep.

Myth #5 – Sleep dentistry is dangerous.

Any dental procedure can be dangerous if it is done by uncertified and inexperienced dentists. This is not the case at Ashton Avenue, where our dentists are fully certified and very experienced.

All medications used in sleep dentistry are safe and do not cause harmful side effects. Furthermore, our dentists are prepared to deal with any emergency situations if in case they occur.

Myth #6 – Anyone can get sedated.

Although sleep dentistry is safe for most people, it is not the optimum solution. In some conditions like pregnancy or certain other medical conditions sedation is avoided. Patients with a high tolerance to sedatives also experience the right dosages to become ineffective. It varies from person to person.

You should discuss your medical and dental history with your dentist to make sure that you are a good candidate for sleep dentistry. Book an appointment with one of our sleep sedation dentistry experts today!

Myth #7 – There is only one kind of medication used in sedation.

There are, in fact, 3 types of medications used in sleep dentistry:

  1. Nitrous oxide: It is also known as “laughing gas”. This is the most popular among the patients and it is used for most of the cases. It also reduces gag reflex and salivary flow.
  2. Oral sedation: The patient takes two pills; one the night before and one on the day of going to the clinic. It makes the patient completely relaxed during the dental procedure.
  3. IV sedation: It is the least-used type of medication. It is administrated to the vein through a thin needle by an anesthesiologist. Although it puts the patient in a deep state of relaxation, the patient remains conscious.

Hopefully having these 7 sleep dentistry myths busted has given you a boost of confidence in being able to make an appointment with a dentist in Claremont. It will make your dental procedure a breeze, so do not fret and book an appointment today!

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