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Say Goodbye to Dental Fear

Dental anxiety, fear, or phobia is more common than you might think. Whether the fear is of needles, the drills, or the whole dentist experience, there is an option known as sleep dentistry that can help you relax through your dental visit. Sleep dentistry is a process of using a choice of sedative medication to help patients relax, feel comfortable, and experience minimum or virtually no pain during dental treatments. These medications induce either sleep or calmness. Because of the use of sedatives, this form of dentistry is also known as sedation dentistry.

Don’t let your dental fear hold you back, we can help. At, Ashton Avenue Dental Practice, we have a team of experienced and skilled dentists in Claremont who are committed to providing you with the highest standard of service possible with sleep dentistry at an affordable cost. We understand and pay close attention to the requirements of various patients. We always encourage our patients to share their medical history and other important general health details during the initial consultation to determine their suitability for sleep dentistry. Our expert dentists have provided an extensive range of dental services using sleep dentistry over the years. We have splendid anesthetists visiting our practice to administer sedation, while your dentist concentrates on providing high quality dental treatment.

Our Claremont dental clinic serves patients from all surrounding areas including Mount Claremont, Swanbourne, Nedlands, and Perry Lakes Floreat. We shall help you get the best results for your teeth and ensure that you leave with a happier smile, quickly and comfortably!

Why Should You Choose Sleep Dentistry?

Dental anxiety is the phenomenon that causes patients to be afraid of being in the dental chair, visiting the dentist, seeing the dental treatment equipment, or listening to the whirring sound of the dental drill, etc. Sleep dentistry has been used over the years to help anxious patients feel relaxed during a dental procedure. If you or your loved ones are suffering from dental anxiety, this mode of dentistry is the ideal option.

Sleep dentistry also helps dentists deliver the best dental treatments in various other circumstances. If you are suffering from any of the following conditions like a low pain threshold, very sensitive teeth, severe gag reflex. It is a great option for people who are required to undergo a complex dental procedure. It is also an amazing option for people with special needs such as intellectual or physical disabilities, neurodegenerative disease, complex medical conditions, mental illness, and dental anxiety or debilitating phobias. It can be used to undergo treatments such as teeth whitening, dental implants, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, and even deep cleaning. It can all be done pain-free and in a safe and relaxed environment by our experienced cosmetic dentists and anaesthetists.

Our goal is to make sure you leave with a beaming smile on your face!

Our team of professional and friendly staff strives to serve patients better and will go out of their way to ensure your visit to the dentist is a happy one!

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The Types of Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry has been categorised based on the level of sleep produced and the types of sedation used on patients during a dental procedure depending on their pain threshold and the type of procedure required.

The levels of sedation include:

The types of sedation include:

The Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

The principal aim of sleep dentistry is to help relax dental patients during their procedures. Sedatives help ensure you are comfortable and less likely to move during treatment. This also provides the dentists with the window period they require to undertake a procedure while maximising accuracy and minimising duration. The benefits of sedation dentistry also include (and are not limited to):

Always ensure that you are in good health before undergoing sleep dentistry or any sedation treatments. For more details, contact our team of expert dental care providers at Ashton Avenue Dental Care in Claremont. Sedatives can produce different effects on different individuals. Although rare, they might make a patient experience minor side effects such as dry mouth, hiccups, light-headedness, dizziness, nausea, and slight visual disturbances. If you have a cold or flu, we advise you to postpone the appointment until you have recovered as it can lead to further complications and you may suffer increased side effects such as dizziness or fainting during your sedation dentistry procedure.

After your sleep dentistry procedure, it might take around at least 5 hours for the sedation to completely wear off. You can return to your daily routines very quickly, but make sure you have someone to take care of you in the time immediately following your procedure. Also, discuss all your general health conditions with our dentists before selecting the sedative for you.

Our goal is to make sure you leave with a beaming smile on your face!

Our team of professional and friendly staff strives to serve patients better and will go out of their way to ensure your visit to the dentist is a happy one!

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