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The Four Main Causes of Bad Breath

Main Causes of Bad Breath

Many people feel with bad breath feel embarrassed and try to mask it instead of looking for a solution. Often, bad breath or halitosis as its medically known is a symptom of another medical condition.

Are you experiencing bad breath problems? If so, you’ll need to see a professional dentist in Claremont. Whether you choose from a Mount Claremont dentist or one right here in Claremont such as Ashton Avenue Dental Practice, only a professional will be able to determine whether you’re suffering from any tooth or gum conditions. A number of issues could be contributing to halitosis. (Medically called bad breath)

What Causes Bad Breath?

Here, we have listed some of the causes of bad breath such as:

Dry Mouth

Saliva is essential for chewing food and it keeps the mouth clean. Sufficient salivation is needed to get rid of particles that will otherwise get stuck to the teeth and enable bacteria to grow. This is one of the main reasons why people suffering from bad breath could have a dry mouth.

The medical name of mouth dryness is xerostomia. It’s most common at night, which is why many people wake up to have bad breath in the morning. Certain medications and problems with the salivary glands could also contribute to the condition. The dentist will need to run a few basic exams to determine whether this particular condition is causing your bad breath. Regardless of a Mount Claremont family dental practice or a dentist in Claremont, the procedure will be the same.

Poor Dental Hygiene

As already mentioned, bad breath is often caused by the bacteria that grow in the mouth. If you don’t brush and clean your teeth properly, chances are that enough build-up will accumulate and cause halitosis.

On top of causing bad breath, the accumulation of food particles and bacteria (plaque) may lead to some more serious problems. Gingivitis or gum inflammation is caused by excessive plaque accumulation. The same applies to another serious problem – periodontitis.

Mouth, Throat and Nose Problems

Conditions of the mouth, throat and nose are also contributing to having bad breath. Chronic inflammations of the sinuses and the throat are the most common causes. If your dentist suspects such a problem, you’ll be referred to the respective healthcare professionals for further assessment.

Food and Tobacco

Need yet another reason to quit smoking? On top of causing so many health problems, cigarettes will also contribute to chronic bad breath. In addition, being a smoker gives you a higher risk of suffering from gum problems.

Certain foods are also responsible for causing bad breath. Eating onions, garlic and various spices on a regular basis could be contributing to the problem. After digesting, the nutrients and phyto-chemicals find in these foods will enter the bloodstream. Once carried to the lungs, the substances will have an impact on your breath.

How to get rid of bad breath?

There’s nothing embarrassing when it comes to bad breath. This is just another medical condition or a symptom that will need to be addressed professionally. If your bad breath persists, give your Claremont dental clinic a call. We also welcome patients from Swanbourne, Mount Claremont and Nedlands. Do not suffer in silence, let us help you.

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