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Smile Designing at Ashton Avenue Dental Practice

Smile Designing

Can you smile with confidence? Do you like to take pictures? Maybe you experience severe embarrassment and hide your mouth in every single shot?

Smile designing is an opportunity to get things better and boost your self-confidence. If you are looking for a smile design dental clinic in Perry Lakes or a Floreat, do consider Ashton Avenue Dental Practice; we are located in Claremont and do welcome new patients. We would love to help you boost your confidence and give you a beautiful smile.

What is Smile Designing?

Our experienced dentist in Claremont specialises in the field of smile designing will assess the hard and the soft tissues in the oral cavity to identify problems and propose a treatment plan. The aim of the plan would be to improve oral health and to give you a brighter, more exciting smile at the same time.

Also known as a smile makeover, smile designing will usually focus on a range of common problems. Your dentist will look for issues like:

  • Teeth staining
  • Missing or misaligned teeth
  • Uneven or chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Lack of smile line evenness
  • Differences in teeth length

All of these issues can be fixed at our dental practice just like any other reputable smile makeover dental clinic. When choosing such procedures, make sure that you’re receiving assistance from a dentist that has sufficient experience in smile designing. This is one of the most important prerequisites for getting the results that you want.

Is Smile Designing Right for You?

If you aren’t 100 per cent confident that smile designing is right for you, come to Ashton Avenue Dental Practice and have a conversation with one of our professionals. After assessing the condition of your smile, the dentist will tell you whether you’re a good candidate for a smile makeover and what processes it will consist of.

An experienced dentist will take in consideration both the condition of your teeth and your gums. Problems like unattractive gingival levels and poor gingival health could also be addressed through a smile makeover.

Keep in mind, once again, that the individual needs of the patient are very important for successful smile designing. It’s impossible to suggest the same procedures to everyone and obtain satisfactory results. This is why patients in need of smile design work closely with their dentist to identify the most troublesome issues and figure out what the best solution is.

The Ashton Avenue Dental Practice professionals have decades of experience in clinical dentistry and modern treatment techniques. Rest assured that you’ll be treated with attention, respect and care. There’s no need to put up with the lack of self-confidence. A simple smile makeover can help you change your attitude and your level of self-acceptance.

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