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Significance of Teeth Whitening Treatment! Also, How to Maintain a Beautiful Smile this Season?

Significance of Teeth Whitening Treatment

Are you interested to know, how to enjoy your favourite food and drinks this winter, learn more about teeth-friendly alternatives and few tips on taking care of your pearly whites? Read further/Happy reading – All of us tend to take care of ourselves from head to toe during winter with woollen clothing, moisturising, stacking up the chapsticks and whatnot, but we often forget about our teeth. We instead exploit them with excessive consumption of caffeine and different kinds of alcohol. If you want to maintain that sparkling smile, always make sure you’re keeping a tab of your oral health regularly and avoid food habits that can stain or dulling your teeth.

Oral hygiene is a must

Oral hygiene is not only about the appearance of the teeth, but it also requires regular brushing and flossing. Practising such orderly habits regularly would help in reducing the risk of developing oral health problems. Few handy tips to sustain that million-dollar smile.

  • Brush your teeth minimum twice a day and preach flossing every day
  • Use a toothpaste which contains fluoride
  • Use a fluoride mouthwash
  • Follow a healthy, balanced diet
  • Never forget to replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months
  • Visit your dentists for a regular dental check-up

How hard is it to avoid staining teeth?

If you’re keen on maintaining a beautiful smile, you should prefer giving up or restricting your intake of drinks and food that commonly causes stains, such as:

  • Number 1 – Red Wine
  • Number 2 – Coffee and Tea
  • Number 3 – Dark Berries
  • Number 4 – Beetroot

There are other habits, which could cause a concern like smoking or chewing tobacco. Quitting such habits will overall improve your health and make your teeth brighter as well. In other cases, there are medications which could impact on oral health, try checking with your pharmacist to suggest another alternative medication if available.

Maintain a teeth-friendly diet:

Avoiding stains doesn’t mean you can’t relish your favourite food and drink! Try your best to clean your teeth in regular intervals and substitute some of the below teeth-friendly options instead:

  • Herbal infusions instead of tea and coffee – These herbal infusions are available in fruity flavours as well
  • Are you an ardent wine connoisseur? Why not try white wine, champagne, a pink Moscato or give a sparkling Rose a go?
  • This is for all those red wine fanatics out there – If you enjoy red wine often or occasionally, you can reduce the risk of stains by brushing your teeth an hour before you drink, as you will have a lesser plaque on the teeth’s surface for the wine to discolour or stick to. However, you shouldn’t brush your teeth soon after drinking wine. As the acidity agent in the wine can weaken the tooth enamel. Try to wait at least 20 to 30 minutes before brushing.

Even rinsing your mouth with the sparkling water between sips can also help to avoid red wine stains.

We consider additionally these teeth-friendly foods to your diet as well.

  • Citrus fruits and strawberries to lift minor stains
  • Celery, apples and carrots to stimulate saliva
  • Cheese and calcium-rich dairy food to strengthen your teeth

If you have already stained your teeth to an extent where you would need elaborate oral care or teeth whitening treatments, head to our very own local dentists of Claremont – Ashton Avenue Dental Practice for teeth whitening treatment.

Further elucidating about teeth whitening treatments.

What are teeth whitening treatments in brief?

Teeth whitening is a simple, safe and quick way to rejuvenate your smile and it is undeniably one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. The results can be quite impressive, all you must do is devote an hour in a dental chair with our dentists and they would transform your stained or discoloured teeth into a brighter smile.

Teeth Whitening – Professional

To start with Ashton Avenue ‘s expert dentists will completely examine your oral health and then suggest zoom teeth whitening or Zoom 2.

ZOOM Teeth Whitening is a process conducted in a chair side, where your teeth are bleached, and this helps in lightening your discoloured enamel and dentin. You would be able to see immediate results, lasts longer, its very safe and comfortable, lower risk of sensitivity and lesser fade back.

ZOOM 2 is a light-activated whitening gel! The ZOOM 2 light helps in activating the active ingredient (Hydrogen Peroxide) in penetrating the surface of the tooth, without compromising your tooth’s surface. The beauty about this process is, despite all the stains caused in the past it would whiten your teeth in an hour. It is as simple as getting a hair cut or manicure in a salon.

  • 35% off on professional chairside teeth whitening*
  • Originally $1388 now $890.
  • Cost includes initial brief examination and a take-home top up kit.*

Teeth Whitening at Home

Home Bleach – Imagine whitening your teeth at the comfort of your own home, this is a rave among the ardent #instagrammars! Home bleach is a mild bleaching gel in a customised tray which is worn over your teeth. You could also whiten your teeth by using our Night White System/ Day White System half an hour per day. This technique could generally be achieved by several days. For folks who are looking for immediate results, we would suggest the ZOOM advanced power whitening systems.

For an elaborate consultation with our expert dentists, contact Ashton Avenue Dental Practice at 08 6183 3800.

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