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Should You Really Visit Your Dentist Twice Each Year?

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How often do you visit your dentist? Chances are that your answer doesn’t come anywhere near to the recommended two annual visits. You’re not alone – most people seem to ignore prophylactic dental care.

Is it really that important to visit your dentist two times per year, regardless of the problems you are (or are not) experiencing? Several reasons exist for the particular recommendation.

Why You Should Visit the Dentist Every Six Months?

A check-up and dental cleaning every six months is the minimum recommendation for enjoying a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. The truth is, however, that some people will have to visit a Claremont dental clinic much more frequently.

Why should you visit a dentist regularly?

The recommendation for two visits per year is for an average individual that doesn’t experience serious oral health issues. That individual is a non-smoker who takes ideal care of the teeth. If you’re a bit negligent when it comes to oral hygiene or you’re a smoker, visiting your dentist more frequently will certainly make sense.

Who should see the Dentist more Often?

As people age, they begin experiencing a range of health problems. This also applies to oral health.

If you are a senior, you’ll need to get in the habit of scheduling more frequent dental clinic visits. The twice per year recommendation is for middle-aged individuals that don’t have a history of tooth problems.

Your diet is also important. People that consume many processed foods and that have a relatively high sugar intake should consider scheduling more frequent dental visits.

This is why going to the same dentist time and time again is so important. Your dentist will know your history and make personalised recommendations. An oral health professional that isn’t aware of your lifestyle or the problems you’ve dealt with in the past will find it more difficult to give you adequate care.

Clinical Studies and Additional Evidence

When it comes to determining how often you should visit the dental clinic, studies have mixed results. Some studies seem to confirm that two visits per year are ideal while others come in contradiction with that information.

Many factors need to be taken in consideration, hence the inconclusive results of clinical studies.

One thing is certain, however – you shouldn’t make the decision on your own. Very often, a dentist will be capable of identifying an issue when the teeth seem to be healthy on the outside. Go for an initial assessment to find out. The dental professional will tell you whether you’re experiencing some issues that necessitate attention.

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