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Individuals have a perception that dentists just take care of teeth. Indeed, it’s true! However, the core duty of a dentist is more than what it seems. The teeth and mouth are very important to consider to know about serious health issues.

It’s not a surprise to you that oral care is usually neglected by most of the individuals as they expect toothpaste to deal with their problems. Obviously, the toothpaste advertisements play a significant role and one would imagine there is no need for a dentist.

If all toothpaste would care about plaque, tartar, and cavities, why would one go to a dentist? Considering the fact, professionals claim that one should visit the dentist every six months. So, in Floreat where should you visit to keep your teeth healthy?

If you are looking for a dentist in Floreat to take care of the dental health of your family, visit Ashton Avenue Dental Practice, located just near you. While there are several clinics run by dentists Floreat offers, ours is a multi-specialty clinic equipped to take care of all your dental and oral care needs.

Are you considering making a visit to any of the dental clinics in Floreat for:

  • Just for treating decaying teeth of your children or anyone in the family? Or else,
  • To make your smile look better by adjusting or aligning your jaws?
  • To display a bright smile and want to scale your teeth for a refreshing white countenance?

In any of the above-mentioned cases or for all other dental care needs, we can provide you a truly one-stop dental care facility with our expert Floreat dentist.

Total Family Dental Care Under One Roof

With Ashton Avenue Dental Practice, you can be confident while stepping into the dental clinic in Floreat for assessing your oral condition since we offer all kinds of oral and dental care under our roof. Over the years we have developed a highly expert-driven and meticulous treatment approach to ensure highest quality dental care possible for patients of all ages and conditions.

Some of the key reasons to consider us for an ideal facility for dental care for your whole family include the following.

Individualised Care

We consider the teeth and smile as the most important element of a personality that requires highly individualised attention based on oral condition and dental health. We always assess the individual dental condition and accordingly prescribe treatments that suit them. Our dentists are always crave the best to get you the best.

Treatment for all ages

We are basically a family dental clinic offering treatment for all ages. From offering dental and oral care for children with tooth decay to providing cosmetic dental treatment for adults, we offer specialised treatment for all ages and needs. Our Floreat dental clinic believes in providing you extraordinary service to see the best smile.

Preventive dentistry

We help our patients to prevent dental deterioration at the root by taking preventive measures and embracing a good lifestyle that makes teeth stronger and beautiful.

Restorative dentistry

Whether you have a broken, damaged or missing tooth, or big gaps in your teeth, we can fix all kinds of dental irregularities with our expert restorative dental treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry

Do you want to look good with your smile? Do you want to give your teeth setting perfection? Well, our cosmetic dental treatment can take care of all such needs and help your teeth and smile look better. Contact our dentists Floreat today.


We can offer a wide variety of options apart from the traditional metal braces to help your teeth stronger and teeth setting better.

Dental implants

With our state of the art dental implants we can easily fill the gaps in your teeth and can help you perfect the look and feel of your teeth.

With proven expertise and years of experience in dentistry and oral care, we have satisfied thousands of patients and their family members. You have the most advanced dental care facilities with all our skilled dentists in Floreat just under one roof.

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