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Improve The Health And Look Of Your Smile With The Soft Tissue Laser

In soft-tissue laser surgery, an interaction of the laser light with the soft tissue provides a unique approach in surgery. A highly focused laser beam vaporises the soft tissue with high water content. The laser can make very small incisions when the beam is focused on the tissue. Conversely, when the beam is defocused, the intensity of the laser light on the tissue diminishes, and it can be used for the cauterization of small blood vessels and lymphatics, thereby decreasing post-operative swellings.

Soft-tissue laser surgery is much gentler than electrosurgery and scalpels. Furthermore, it generates very little heat which is great for giving implants a longer life.

As far as implants are concerned, once the healing cap has been removed, the soft-tissue laser can remove tissue tags safely, which would otherwise not be possible with electrosurgery. Additionally, unlike many electrosurgery units, the laser can safely be used for patients that have a pacemaker. Finally, during the surgery, the tissue is able to separate gently and easily, hemostasis is swift, and there is limited swelling after the operation.

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The Soft Tissue Laser Tools For Dental Treatment

In a nutshell, a soft-tissue laser is a useful tool which has shown reduced post-operative pain and faster, more efficient surgeries. It can be used to sculpt and remove gum tissue and doesn’t require any scalpel use or sutures, which means no painful recovery or tedious follow up appointments!

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A soft tissue laser is a versatile tool with a number of uses including

  • Gum shaping for gummy smiles
  • Removal of oral growths
  • Removal of bacteria
  • Treatment of periodontitis
  • Preventing gum recession
Laser Dental Treatment

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