Things to Know Before Seeing a Claremont Orthodontic

Claremont Orthodontic

If you have been thinking about orthodontic treatment, here are some things you should know before seeing a Claremont Orthodontic.

When should I take my child to the orthodontic?

  • The ADA recommends that kids be screened at 7 years old.
  • Only about 10 -15% need care as early as 10 years old.
  • Usually, pre-teens begin treatment at 12 – 14 years old once the permanent teeth are in place.

How do I know if my kid really needs braces?

There are seven symptoms that you can check for:

  • Misplaced, crowded or blocked-out teeth
  • Difficulty chewing, speaking or biting
  • Mouth breathing
  • Thumb or finger sucking after the age of 5
  • Jaw shifts or is misaligned when opening and closing
  • Protruding teeth
  • Late, early or irregular baby tooth loss

How much do braces cost?

I wish I could give you an answer to this one, but it depends on the extensiveness of the orthodontic treatment. You will have to consult with your Claremont orthodontic on this one.

Dr. Nishant Vaishnav

Dr. Nishant Vaishnav believes in combining technology and education to provide the highest quality of dentistry. He takes pride in his work and endeavours to help everyone achieve a great smile. He graduated from University of Mumbai, India in year 2000. His perseverance led him to do further studies and completed his Masters in Periodontics in 2004. He is also a member of ITI. He works in the capacity of Principal and General Dentist at Ashton Avenue Dental Practice.

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