Porcelain Crowns And Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most effective and popular restorative treatments to refresh teeth with discolouration, chips and, in some cases, to align crooked teeth to help create a beautiful smile.

Ashton Avenue Dental Practice, our cosmetic dentistry services include porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns at affordable rates, so we encourage you to contact our Claremont dentists today for more information.

Why choose porcelain veneers?

There are many reasons why you may need or want porcelain veneers. Basically, it is to improve the appearance of your smile and front teeth. Veneers are, in fact, designed to straighten slightly crooked teeth, and/or restore chipped or damaged teeth and whiten your smile when regular whitening isn’t an option.

why you may require dental veneers?

  • Family inherited appearances: Some people have slight crowding in their front teeth, where they don’t want braces. Others may have gaps or discoloured spots or even unusually shaped teeth.
  • Trauma: some have had an accident at some point where they have chipped or cracked their front teeth or required a root canal, causing the tooth to go grey.
  • Childhood antibiotics: Although not as common these days, certain antibiotics given to children had been known to leave horizontal stains on front teeth. In most cases, bleaching is ineffective. Porcelain veneers have been found to be very effective in improving these people’s smiles.
  • Wear and tear: With age, our teeth will wear down. This can deteriorate a person’s smile and self-confidence. Veneers are a great option to improving a person’s smile.

How long does it take?

This procedure usually takes two to three visits to complete, spread over two or three weeks.

  • Visit 1: The first visit is the longest. Depending on how many teeth are being prepared, it can last between one to two hours. This visit involves preparing the tooth for space to glue the veneer. Usually, 0.5 mm of a tooth is reduced, depending on the situation. A local anaesthetic is used for the patient’s comfort. Information about the patient’s mouth is also gathered so that the technician making the veneer shell can make it as accurate and suit the individual’s mouths as possible. Some of this information includes taking impressions of the persons upper and lower teeth, a measurement of how their teeth come together, the shape required by the patient and of course the colour and brightness. At the end of the visit, the patient is made a temporary plastic shell to cover and protect the area of the tooth that has been reduced. This is to ensure there is no sensitivity and that the teeth appear reasonable until the result is inserted. Because it is simply temporary, the patient should be careful always over those two weeks.
  • Visits 2 & 3: The final visit is to try the veneers in, make sure they fit well and that the shape, appearance and colour are satisfactory to the patient. Sometimes, adjustments are required, or the technician needs to see the patient for him/herself, and it may require a third visit. Assuming all is good with the try in of the veneers, it is then the time to cement the veneers in. The procedure is very moisture sensitive, so the dentist may numb the area for the convenience and comfort for the patient. Once they are cemented, they then need to be trimmed exactly to the patient’s bite and polished accordingly.

How long do porcelain veneers last?

On average, you can expect your veneers to last 8-10 years before they may require repair or replace. We provide you with some tips to ensure that they last longer. Regular care and maintenance are crucial. This involves proper cleaning and flossing each day, twice a day. Regular check-ups with our team will ensure that any unexpected problems can be dealt with early. Similarly, we can instruct you on some of the behaviours to avoid. For example, excessive chewing and clenching and other bad habits may cause the porcelain and/or enamel to crack and break. Overall, if you take care of your teeth and gums then your reward will be a beautiful smile to keep.

Our goal is to make sure you leave with a beaming smile on your face!

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Porcelain Crowns

A traditional dental crown can solve a host of problems, from lost fillings and root canals to cracking or fracturing of the tooth. Porcelain crowns are available to all our dental patients just like porcelain veneers; however, crowns cover the entire tooth so that they can provide structural support to the damaged tooth. Porcelain crowns can also be used to cover teeth that are simply not as aesthetically pleasing due to discoloration or cracks/chips.

Low-Cost Porcelain Crowns Services

Our skilled dentists will make an initial impression of your teeth, and tailor the crown to fit the exact dimensions of the damaged tooth. They will then fashion the porcelain crown to match the colour of the rest of your teeth. To achieve this, we work with only the best dental labs in Western Australia, which provide custom shading for your teeth. Porcelain crowns have been known to last decades with proper oral care, and can even help with chewing or speaking problems that may have been caused by damaged teeth. One of the most common dental treatments, porcelain crowns can brighten your smile in just two short office visits!

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