A Modern And Sophisticated Dental Clinic in Swanbourne

If you’ve tried the services of several oral health professionals in Swanbourne and its surrounding suburbs, but still can’t find your dentist, you’re not alone. Picking the right dental centre is far from a simple task.

Trust, professionalism and attention to detail are needed to convince you that you’ve come to the right clinic. We’re confident that we give our patients all of the above. The Ashton Avenue dental clinic is known for the state-of-the-art facilities, comprehensive services and personalisation that all patients enjoy.

Why Choose Us as Your Swanbourne Dentist?

Come to our Swanbourne dental clinic and you’ll find that we have clean, beautiful, state-of-the-art facilities, as well as quality equipment, friendly employees, and the latest in dental technology.

Many dental specialists don’t focus on the comfort and relaxation of patients. We’re different. You have never visited dentist in Swanbourne like us. Comfortable waiting rooms, entertainment options and staff members ready to answer all questions enable patients to feel at ease right from the start.

Our dental clinic in Swanbourne offers a variety of different dental treatments. We believe that patients deserve comprehensive solutions that are all executed in a modern, non-invasive and effective way.

A Vast Range Of Dental Services

As experienced dentists in Mt Claremont surrounds, we specialise in a vast range of services. From routine procedures to cosmetic dentistry and specialised oral health services, we believe that our patients deserve the best.

Some of the procedures and treatments that our patients can choose among include:

General Dental Treatments

Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether you need general dental treatments or you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry, we’ll ensure that you get the best care and services. All of the staff members are properly trained and they have the experience to give you the outcomes you’re looking forward to.

Comfortable And Modern Facilities

Fear of pain and past experiences make many patients reluctant to seek dental services. We know how traumatising such procedures can be, which is why we focus on relaxation. We offer multiple pain-free dental methods and we work hard to make the clinic comfortable.

Our Claremont dental clinic features cosy waiting areas and various entertainment options. Read a magazine or watch a DVD while waiting for your appointment. Soon, you’ll forget about the initial anxiety. If you’re still a bit nervous about it, talk to our friendly staff members and have your questions answered.

We also make sure that your kids are happy and relaxed in our office. We’ll provide kids with children’s books, colouring pages, or toys to ensure they are having fun. We encourage good oral hygiene practices and acquaint kids with the best ways to keep their teeth healthy. Prizes and stickers as a reward for excellent performance are just some of the motivational tricks we have up our sleeve.

Want to make sure that Ashton Avenue Dental is your preferred dental centre? Give us a call and schedule your first appointment. We’ll be glad to get to know you better, answer your questions and suggest the dental care services that will be best suited to your needs.

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