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Root Canal Treatment Specialist in Claremont

Have you ever had a toothache and wondered where the pain comes from? The tooth appears solid from the outside but when you have a look inside with the help of an X-ray, you would see a space in the centre where what is known as the “pulp” resides, which is a soft tissue inside your teeth. If one of your teeth gets cracked, knocked, decayed or has a big filling close to the pulp, it can fire off the pain signals which we call a tooth ache.

Sometimes constant and continuous insults to the pulp can lead to the death of nerves within your tooth, which is known as pulpal necrosis. The tooth is then referred to as a Non-Vital tooth. The pulp space may be infected with bacteria which can eventually lead to an abscess. In many instances, the tooth can still be saved by the procedure called a Root Canal Therapy.


Root Canal Treatment With Cleaning & Filling Procedures

This procedure involves isolating the tooth with a rubber dam and getting rid of decay, old restorations and any cracks that you may have. The canals are cleaned out and shaped with high-tech, sophisticated dental tools which include, miniature highly-flexible files and chemicals. It is important to reach the full length of the canals, so it is common to have multiple x-rays during your visits.

The idea is to remove all the leftover food or dirt from the full length of the canal and fill them to the optimum length with the biocompatible material. The access cavity is then filled with a filling material and will likely later need a crown as a definitive restoration and with the bacteria gone the bone can heal again. This means, your tooth survives and remains functional.

It is important to realise that Endodontic treatment is not a guaranteed treatment but has a 90 to 95% success rate. An alternative to a root canal is generally extraction, which would necessitate artificial replacement of that tooth to restore form, function, aesthetics and phonetics..

After Root Canal Treatment

After root canal treatment, the tooth becomes very weak and brittle; weak because the centre of the tooth is removed to gain access to the infected nerve and only the core of the tooth is left; brittle due to the loss of nerve and blood supply. Badly damaged teeth need protection from the masticatory forces, which can be given in the form of crowns; however, this is best judged by your dentist.

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