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Welcome to Ashton Avenue Dental Practice! We take pride in our commitment to total patient satisfaction in all our services from cleaning procedures to cosmetic dentistry. We have built and continue to build our reputation as a leading dental clinic for residents in Claremont and its surrounding areas since 1996.

In this issue of our newsletter, you will enjoy reading about Ashton Avenue Dental Practice in greater detail – our commitment to complete patient satisfaction through excellent customer services and the latest technologies; our competent, courteous and friendly dentists; and our approach for dental issues.

Together, we can work toward your healthy teeth and beautiful smiles!

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    Our Principal Dentists    

As patients at Ashton Avenue Dental Practice, you have two principal dentists who will take good care of your oral healthcare requirements. You will find that both of our principal dentists have the appropriate advanced education, training and work experience to deliver a wide range of services.

We offer oral maintenance procedures (i.e., cleaning), root canal therapy, porcelain crowns and veneers, teeth whitening, smile designing, laser therapy, and cosmetic dentistry. Ask our principal dentists about the best dental treatment for your case.


Dr. Nishant VaishnavDr. Nishant Vaishnav, our Principal and General Dentist, has a degree in dentistry from the University of Mumbai (2000) in India. His determination to provide advanced dental services led him to pursue higher education, thus, his Masters in Periodontics (Treating Gum Disease) completed in 2004. He is also a member of the prestigious International Team for Implantology (ITI), an academic association that unites professionals from all fields related to implant dentistry and tissue regeneration worldwide and that promotes scientific processes and patient welfare.

Dr. Nishant has more than 17 years of quality dental care experience as a private practitioner. Before moving to Perth in December 2001, he was a dentist with his own private practice at Tamworth, New South Wales. His passion lies in ably combining modern dental technology for improving patient satisfaction and compassionate patient practices, thus, resulting in excellent dental care for all patients.

His other commitments: To provide his patients with the best smiles of their lives and to be the best world-class photographer he can be.


Dr. Harshada Vaishnav Dr. Harshada Vaishnav is also our principal dentist with a strong passion for her dental profession and for her patients. She is known among her peers and patients as a kind, gentle and caring individual whose professional approach to dental services complements her friendly attitude toward everybody. She always strives to provide her patients with excellent dental treatments, whether it involves routine cleaning or complicated cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Harshada firmly believes that being updated about the latest technologies and techniques in dental principles and practices is a must. She constantly updates herself with continuing dental education programs with her particular interests on crowns and bridges, root canal treatments, teeth whitening, and direct tooth colour fillings.

She is considered by her peers and patients as a valuable team member because of her over 17 years of clinical dentistry experience. Her warm approach and professional confidence contribute to the comfortable vibe in the dental clinic with her patients attesting to their high comfort level even when on the dentist’s chair.

  Our Commitment  

At Ashton Avenue Dental Practice, we are passionately committed to complete patient satisfaction. In this regard, we use the latest technologies and techniques including software in the delivery of our dental services. We strongly believe that you deserve the best modern-day dental care because it is your right as a human being.

Of course, advanced technologies and techniques are just tools in the hands of our dentists and their staff members. We are also strongly committed to establishing long-term relationships with our patients based on mutual honesty and respect.

We will likely use one or several of these technologies during your treatment:

> CAD/CAM for the construction of dental restorations including porcelain veneers, dental bridges, and dental crowns
> Caries detection solution is used to confirm the removal of all tooth decay from the treatment area
> CAT scans are used prior to dental implant procedures
> Composite materials are used in restorations including in filling cavities and rebuilding teeth
> Dental implants are the preferred alternative to dentures because of their ease of maintenance and permanency
> Desensitizers are used for sensitive teeth and in conjunction with other methods for pain and anxiety relief
> Soft tissue laser for soft tissue surgery
  Ask our dentists about the latest technologies and techniques that will be used during your treatment for more information.  
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Focus This MONTH
  The Risk of and from Bleeding Gums  
  Regardless of the cause of bleeding gums Regardless of the cause of bleeding gums, you should neither dismiss nor ignore it as a normal occurrence because it is not! You have to understand that your bleeding gums are not only cause for concern because of your beautiful smile but because these can lead to serious health complications or can be indicative of an underlying medical condition.  
  Infected Gums, Affected Body  
  Infected Gums, Affected Body

Bleeding in the gums can occur for various reasons, such as when flossing, brushing and eating due to a bacterial infection. This is one of the first signs of gum or periodontal disease.

Researchers have also discovered links between gum disease and other diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, and osteoporosis. Oral health and many types of pregnancy complications are also closely associated. For example, in a recent study, 85 percent of heart attack patients also have gum disease – truly, a risk connection higher than for heart attack and high cholesterol levels.

The current theory: Bacteria in the infected or inflamed gums break free from the gum tissues, travel through the bloodstream, and then attach to the body parts including the heart. The risks for various diseases then increase because of the unwelcome presence of these pathogens.

The risks associated with bleeding gums cannot be ignored, indeed, for it can result in more serious health conditions!

  Good News, Easy Steps  
  Fortunately, bleeding gums can be resolved with a few easy steps

Fortunately, bleeding gums can be resolved with a few easy steps.

First, keep in mind that keeping your teeth and gums healthy is not just about brushing and flossing your teeth. You have to see your dentist and dental hygienist at least two times a year for periodic maintenance procedures and for dental screening. You and your dentist will be able to catch dental problems, so to speak, before these become worse.

Gum disease is often asymptomatic – no pain, no visible changes in the gums – until it reaches its advanced stage. Your dentist will be able to determine early signs of periodontal disease using modern-day technologies and techniques, thus, providing more effective treatment as early as possible. Like most curable and treatable diseases, early detection is a must for effective treatment.

Second, always brush and floss after every meal. You should have an active hand in the prevention of gum disease and it starts at home.

Third, ask yourself the following questions and if you answered “yes” to any of these questions, see your dentist immediately.

  • Do you have bleeding gums when you brush, floss, or eat?
  • Do your teeth feel or look like they are moving or appear to be longer?
  • Do our gums look like they are receding?
  • Do you have chronic bad breath?
  • Did your bite change?
  • Do you have difficulty chewing?
  • Do your gums and teeth hurt or look swollen or feel tender?

Of course, there are other factors for gum disease. These include poor oral hygiene, smoking, and excessive alcohol as well as poor nutrition.

Ask us at Ashton Avenue Dental Practice about the wide range of treatment options for bleeding gums today!

  Next Issue  
  On our next issue, we will discuss two important topics, namely:
  Bruxism, the clenching, clamping or grinding of teeth especially the back teeth
  • Bruxism, the clenching, clamping or grinding of teeth especially the back teeth. This habit results in jaw pain, jaw joint disorder, headaches and earaches, and many other health issues because of the stressful force applied on the teeth.
  • Dental implants, the permanent and proven solutions to missing teeth than dentures and the like. Our implant process involves the attachment of an artificial custom-made tooth to an anchor post already implanted into the jawbone.
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