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Welcome to 2016! We at Ashton Avenue Dental Practice greet all our past, present and prospective patients a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

We know the importance of happiness and health. As 2015 came to a close, festivities would have been abound. Being with family and friends, kissing under the mistletoe, and eating your fair share of delicious food from savoury dishes to sweet desserts.

So, now is a good time to ensure your teeth, gums and overall oral health has not been affected by the excesses of the holiday festivities.

A Happy New Year, after all, means healthy teeth, gums and mouth, too.


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  Our New Digital Intra and Extra Oral X-ray Facility  
  Our New Digital Intra and Extra Oral X-ray Facility  

Ashton Avenue Dental Practice is proud to announce the addition of its new digital intraoral and extraoral x-ray facility, too. We believe that science and technology can and should be used for the patients’ benefit, especially where contributing to more positive dental visits are concerned. You deserve the best in modern dental technology, including X-rays, and we are at the forefront of the latest in these tools and techniques

With the new x-ray facility, we have two main types of dental X-rays:

  arrowIntraoral x-rays involve placing an x-ray film insider the mouth, thus, allowing for more detail of its internal structures. Your dentist will be able to find cavities; check the condition of the tooth root and bone surrounding the affected tooth; and monitor the overall health of the jawbone and teeth. Your dentist will also use different intraoral x-rays depending on your needs. The types of intraoral x-rays are bitewing, periapical, occlusal x-rays.
  arrow Extraoral x-rays involve the placement of an x-ray film outside of the mouth, which means that their main focus is the jaw, teeth, and skull. These are used in detecting impacted teeth, monitoring the growth and development of the jaws in relation to the teeth, and identifying potential issues between the jaws, teeth, and the facial bones (e.g., TMJ). Your dentist will use one of these extraoral x-rays, namely, panoramic, tomogram, cephalometric projections, and sialography.  
  Digital x-ray technology has several different aspects than traditional x-ray technology. Known as digital imaging, the x-ray images are directly sent to a computer for viewing on a screen as well as for printing and storing in the database.  
  Both patients and dentists benefit from digital x-ray technology:  
check Less radiation applied
check No waiting time for the x-ray images to be developed since these are available on screen a few seconds after being taken
check Images can be enhanced and enlarged several times their actual sizes
check Electronic sending of images to another dentist
check Digital comparisons of past and present images, a process known as subtraction radiography
  With our new digital x-ray facility, you will enjoy more effective and efficient dental services that were not possible with traditional x-ray technology.  
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Ashton Avenue Dental Practice is now accredited under the Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) standards! We are proud of the accreditation because of the stringent standards that must be met before it was granted and the opportunity to deliver cost-efficient, results-effective, and patient-friendly services.

Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) is a non-profit health promotion organisation dedicated to community service accreditation as well as to primary and secondary healthcare accreditation. Formed in 2012 from the merger of four major primary care accreditation bodies in Australia, namely, Quality In Practice (QIP), The Quality Improvement Council (QIC), Quality Improvement and Community Services Accreditation Inc. (QICSA), and Quality Management Services (QMS), it is the country’s most comprehensive accreditation organization.

Our accreditation represents our strong commitment to meeting the requirements of stringent standards set by QIP in terms of quality and performance assurance. With it, we have an effective, efficient and objective tool to measure, improve and evaluate performance and their outcomes.


For our patients, our QIP accreditation also benefits them in several ways including:

check Provide independent recognition that Ashton Avenue Dental Practice is committed to high quality and utmost safety in its services
check Provide patients with the confidence to undergo the dental procedures with the assurance that the facilities and staff are up to par with industry standards
check Enhanced capability of the staff from the receptionist to the dentist to deliver better products and services
check Reduced risks due to enhanced capability of the staff and standard facilities
check Improved compliance with regulatory requirements

While QIP accreditation is not necessary for satisfactory dental products and services, we at Ashton Avenue Dental Practice firmly believe that accreditation is the first crucial step toward consistent and continuous quality improvement.

  Indeed, our QIP accreditation works to your benefit through improved dental products and services – truly, a partnership that worked well through the years.  
  In our next issue, we will look at    
  Same day Cerec restorations  

Cerec is a state-of-the-art method of CAD/CAM dentistry developed for dental restorations. Your dentist constructs, produces, and inserts your individual ceramic restorations in a single treatment. Basically, the chairside treatment involves the application of ceramic restorations on a one-time basis and installs the dental appliance at the point of treatment without days of waiting for the next treatment.

  Introducing our implant placement and guided surgery software  

Our software reads 3D image data from CT scanners before matching the model or impression scan, which contains information about the teeth and other structures. It features a completely digital, time-saving and full-featured digital workflow, drill guides, and dental implant planning, which helps our dentists provide the best results for our patients.

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