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You love your smile, right? So, do we. But dental problems and decaying teeth may interfere with your gorgeous smile. No need to fret, though - with experts in modern dentistry like us you have dependable solution!

If you are not happy with crooked or protruding teeth, maybe you are already feeling weary about the metal braces, we are here to give back your smile with our state of the art dental services.

We can just straighten your smile with a modern aligner system leaving no mark of any foreign element attached to your teeth, or can treat your tooth decay in a conclusive manner. When you come to us for dental treatment, you don't just get a check-up, but a thorough evaluation of your oral health.

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    Our Principal Dentists    

As patients at Ashton Avenue Dental Practice, you have two principal dentists who will take good care of your oral healthcare requirements. You will find that both of our principal dentists have the appropriate advanced education, training and work experience to deliver a wide range of services.

We offer oral maintenance procedures (i.e., cleaning), root canal therapy, porcelain crowns and veneers, teeth whitening, smile designing, laser therapy, and cosmetic dentistry. Ask our principal dentists about the best dental treatment for your case.


Dr. Nishant VaishnavDr. Nishant Vaishnav, our Principal and General Dentist, has a degree in dentistry from the University of Mumbai (2000) in India. His determination to provide advanced dental services led him to pursue higher education, thus, his Masters in Periodontics (Treating Gum Disease) completed in 2004. He is also a member of the prestigious International Team for Implantology (ITI), an academic association that unites professionals from all fields related to implant dentistry and tissue regeneration worldwide and that promotes scientific processes and patient welfare.

Dr. Nishant has more than 17 years of quality dental care experience as a private practitioner. Before moving to Perth in December 2001, he was a dentist with his own private practice at Tamworth, New South Wales. His passion lies in ably combining modern dental technology for improving patient satisfaction and compassionate patient practices, thus, resulting in excellent dental care for all patients.

His other commitments: To provide his patients with the best smiles of their lives and to be the best world-class photographer he can be.


Dr. Harshada Vaishnav Dr. Harshada Vaishnav is also our principal dentist with a strong passion for her dental profession and for her patients. She is known among her peers and patients as a kind, gentle and caring individual whose professional approach to dental services complements her friendly attitude toward everybody. She always strives to provide her patients with excellent dental treatments, whether it involves routine cleaning or complicated cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Harshada firmly believes that being updated about the latest technologies and techniques in dental principles and practices is a must. She constantly updates herself with continuing dental education programs with her particular interests on crowns and bridges, root canal treatments, teeth whitening, and direct tooth colour fillings.

She is considered by her peers and patients as a valuable team member because of her over 17 years of clinical dentistry experience. Her warm approach and professional confidence contribute to the comfortable vibe in the dental clinic with her patients attesting to their high comfort level even when on the dentist’s chair.

  Evaluating Your Oral Health  

A dental check-up is not a measure to deliver quick fixes for dental issues, it is about evaluating your entire oral health and making it better over time. During the dental check-up, the dentist will evaluate the things mentioned below.

The dental care you require would largely depend on evaluation and the following aspects are considered:

> The overall health condition and all your medical history and as well as treatment you are going through at that point of time
> Typical lifestyle factors which can have an impact on your dental and oral health like dietary habits, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.
> By evaluating the risk of tooth decay, it is decided whether you need tooth restorations or implants
> The condition of your gum and bone is evaluated
> Problems with your bite and jaw are assessed
  Dental Tooth Decay Treatment  

Are you embarrassed about your tooth decay and are postponing your visit just for the same reason? Remember, it can prove you costly if you do not treat the disorder early. You can ensure picture-perfect teeth and a beautiful smile thanks to our state of the art dental care facility. Do you know millions of people around the world suffer from tooth decay? Most of such cases worsen only because they just ignore visiting a dentist or dental care facility to improve their condition.

While crooked or discoloured teeth are a major and common symptom most people are suffering with, we can help you restore your bright white teeth with a perfect setting. Just a free consultation with the expert dentist of our dental clinic is all that one requires to evaluate oral health.

Over the years, we at Aston Avenue Dental Practice achieved many feats in respect of providing best dental care to the people of Claremont and surrounding areas. At present, we are regarded as one of the leading dental care and oral care practitioners in the region, with a bunch of expert dentists and support staff having years of first line experience in dental and oral care.

  A Family Dental Clinic, Ashton Avenue Dental Practice  

Ever since we began our operation as a dental care clinic in Claremont, there has been a steady rise in the footfall of people seeking dental care and services for restoring oral health.

With our sustained effort, we not only helped creating a consensus among people about preventive dentistry corresponding to all the lifestyle measures that can make their oral and dental condition better, but we also offer all the modern facilities to treat all sorts of dental problems ranging from cavities, tooth decay, decaying gums, jaw impairment, tooth loss, etc.

Apart from addressing the dental problems and oral irregularities common in people, we also offer state of the art facilities to restore your smile by readjusting the teeth setting, whitening or scaling of teeth and procedures related to cosmetic dentistry that can ensure a better smile.

The best thing about our cosmetic dentistry is that we take each case with customised focused and as per the individual dental condition make a treatment and restoration plan to improve the smile and dental health.

  Facilities at Our Dental Clinic  

At Ashton Avenue Dental Practice, we use the most advanced dental care equipment’s and we keep on updating our in-house facilities and equipment from time to time to improve dental care.

Starting from state of the art equipment and a fully loaded laboratory, to ample arrangements to accommodate the large number of patients for consultation and check-up, our clinic as of now is the most well equipped dental clinic in Claremont.

  Free Initial Consultation  

Want to have a free consultation with our dentist?

Want just a free check-up of your teeth? Or are you looking into making your smile more perfect? Whatever the kind of dental care need you have, we can take care of it.

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