Free Initial Consultation

Often patients don’t see a dentist for a while. Sometimes you are too busy, sometimes you just haven’t had the inclination or motivation to do it. We at Ashton Avenue Dental invite you to come in for an obligation free consultation. Have a chat with one of our friendly dentists and ask your questions. There is no pressure, no sales pitch and no catch.

Dentistry has changed so much in the last few years. With the advancement in technology and materials, we as dentists can offer better more conservative restorations than the traditional drill fill model. Our philosophy of “Health first ” puts us in an ethical position when we approach dental problems so as to devise long lasting solutions on good healthy foundation.

Feel free to call us on 08 6183 3800 to reserve your appointment for your Free Consultation.

Terms and Conditions

Normal fee for consultation appointment is between $60 and $120 depending on the length of the appointment which has been waived as per this offer. The free initial consultation is not a comprehensive examination and does not involve diagnosis / assessment of any dental conditions. It is a consultation appointment only in which the patients can talk about their concerns and have a broad idea of their treatment options and available solutions. It does not include taking any photographs or radiographs of the teeth or associated structures which will have to be at another appointment and will involve normal practice fees. Appointment time can vary between 15 mins and 30 mins depending on the dentist’s decision and does not guarantee a definitive time frame for the patient. Offer is valid for 12 months from 1 st April 2012.

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