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As we leave the winter chills behind, we hope that we can continue our strong partnership in safeguarding your oral health. We believe that when you have excellent oral health, your physical and mental health also benefits. We will provide you with superior dental services because you deserve to always smile for, indeed, life is beautiful, just like the spring season.

With this newsletter, you will be informed about the latest advances in dental technology including our newest implant planning technology. You can also seek help for your teeth grinding habit, an oral health issue that can lessen your smile's beauty.

Read on and find out how we can provide compassionate and competent assistance for your oral health problems!

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  Facts about Oral Health in Australia  
Baby Teeth   Permanent Teeth
In 2010, the proportion of children who had decayed, missing or filled baby teeth and visited a school dental service varied from about 48% for those aged 5 to 63% for those aged 9.   In 2010, nearly half of children aged 12 had experienced decay in their permanent teeth. The general increase in affected teeth with age is related to both the number of permanent teeth older children have, and the increased time that their teeth have been at risk of decay.
Our Latest Dental Implanting Software    

While dentist-patient trust is crucial in our success as dental professionals, we at Ashton Avenue Dental Practice also believe that the effective and efficient use of technology is a must. We use technology in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a wide range of dental health issues.

One of our newest technologies is dental implant planning software. We acquired the software from the United States with the goal of guaranteeing the best results for our dental implant patients. We realise the importance of accuracy in dental implant surgery particularly a higher level of accuracy that a combination of clinical examination and imaging technology cannot provide.

We use the dental planning software in several ways including:

  • Creating a virtual environment of the patient′s jaws where the dental implants will be placed;
  • Producing a drill guide in preparation for the surgery with the guide either bone-supported, soft tissue-supported, or tooth-supported

Accuracy is crucial in the success of the dental implant surgery because the adjacent teeth, gums and jaw will be affected once the artificial teeth have been anchored. Mistakes are not only costly but can result in several side effects, such as slower bone healing. The software creates a virtual three-dimensional model of the jaw with so-called 3D data for the dental arch known as cross sections of the jaw. The model demonstrates the bone volume and ridge width of the particular area being scanned, two crucial aspects in the proper placement of the dental implants.

The software is also designed with built-in safety alerts that generate error messages when there are mistakes in the placement. These mistakes can be dental implants placed closed together or placed only partially within the bone.

When the virtual plan is completed, we will be able to see how well the artificial teeth will fit into the bone using any of the provided views, such as the panoramic view. We can then make virtual adjustments before we perform the actual operation on your jaw and gums.

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  When Clenching Your Teeth Cause More Than Just Frustration  

Clenching, gnashing and grinding of the teeth are not just the physical symptom of personal anger, frustration and dismay over people, places and events. These are also symptoms of a dental health condition that may require appropriate attention from your dentists at Ashton Avenue Dental Practice!

Known as bruxism, the condition is characterised by the grinding, gnashing or clenching of teeth either during the day or at night. You may unconsciously clench your teeth together during the day or grind them while you are sleeping (i.e., sleep bruxism).

While most cases of bruxism will not result in serious health complications, severe bruxism may result in:

    Damage to your teeth as well as its restorations and crowns (e.g., flattened, chipped, or fractured teeth)
    Pain or soreness in the jaw or face, even in the ears
    Tension-type headaches originating from your temples
    Disorders in your temporomandibular joints (i.e., symptoms include clicking sounds when opening and closing your mouth)

People who have sleep bruxism are also more likely to have sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea (i.e., loud snoring and pauses in breathing are common symptoms).

Fortunately, your dentists at Ashton Avenue Dental Practice have several treatment methods for mild to severe bruxism. You have to come in for a visit to determine the causes and treatment options, which include splints and mouths guards, dental correction and therapies (e.g., stress management), in your unique case. You may also be prescribed medications like muscle relaxants and Botox injections although these are considered only for patients who have not shown satisfactory response for the conventional treatments.

  Dental Implants′ Impact on Your Oral Health  
Dental Implants Impact on Your Oral Health

The loss of a single tooth can have a serious impact on your oral health in many ways. You will observe that the normal function of your bite and your personal confidence will likely be affected by the loss.

This is because the missing tooth can compromise the adjacent teeth in terms of their position (i.e., shifted) or in their vulnerability to damage, such as decay, cracks, and chips. The missing tooth can also have an impact on your chewing habits, such as in the case of a missing incisor or molar.

Fortunately, dental implants provide patients with a safe, effective and permanent solution to missing teeth. The dental implant surgery involves the replacement of the tooth roots with metal alloy, screw-like posts capped by artificial teeth, which appear and function like real teeth.

  Dentists usually use dental implants in the following cases:  
    Replace missing teeth
    Support dental bridges
    Secure removable or full and fixed dentures
  Dental implants are popular alternatives to dentures despite their higher costs for the following reasons:  
    Appearance, feel and function of real teeth with a lifetime guarantee with proper care
    Restoration of full bite strength and chewing function
    Superior comfort and convenience than bridges and dentures
  But not everybody is a suitable candidate for dental implants. Your dentists at Ashton Avenue Dental Practice will consider patients with the following attributes as good candidates for the surgery:  
    One or more missing teeth
    Jawbone that has reached full growth
    Sufficient bone structure to secure the implants or for a bone graft
    No underlying health conditions that can affect proper bone healing
    Unwilling or unable to wear dentures
    Willingness to commit several months to complete the process

Come and visit our dental office to discuss your suitability for dental implants! You need not suffer through the effects of your missing teeth when you have us as your dental health providers.

  Next Issue  

In our next issue, we will discuss the following topics of importance in your oral health.

First, we are proud to introduce our new digital intra and extra oral X-ray facility. This is part of our program to make your dental treatments safer, quicker and better via a modern diagnostic process. You will also benefit because your exposure to radiation will be significantly reduced.

Second, we also take pride in our continuing efforts to get QIP accreditation. Quality in practice (QIP) accreditation is yet another manifestation of our passionate commitment to provide excellent services and pleasurable experiences for all our patients. We believe that visiting our clinic for oral health services should be like visiting the spa - enjoyable.

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