Replacement of Amalgam with Tooth Coloured Filling Material

History of Dental Bonding & Fillings

Historically silver mercury amalgam fillings have provided a strong and reliable means of restoring damaged teeth for over 140 years.

There has been ongoing concern about the toxic effects of mercury. Despite this, no evidence exists regarding a link between fillings containing mercury and general health. A valid criticism however is the black appearance of this material.

Teeth Bonding & White Fillings Treatment

Claremont based dentists provide dental bonding and white fillings treatment at an affordable cost. Today tooth coloured composite resin filling materials are a suitable alternative for small fillings. These are highly aesthetic fillings that can rejuvenate your smile to a more natural looking appearance.

The technique for placing composite resin fillings is exacting and the method must be followed meticulously to ensure a restoration that looks good, and lasts.

Need to repair missing, worn or decayed teeth?

For larger fillings the restoration of choice is a porcelain onlay or inlay. Each individual’s needs vary and are best discussed at a consultation appointment.