5 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Going to your Claremont dentist for teeth whitening treatments can be more beneficial than buying over-the-counter teeth whitening products. Check out some of the benefits of professional teeth whitenings.

More Thorough Whitening

Unlike over-the-counter teeth whitening products that only help with removing stains outside the enamel. Professional teeth whitening treatments can help remove both intrinsic and extrinsic stains to help you achieve a bright smile.

More Comfortable

Unlike options you can find at the store, many professional teeth whitening methods require personalised tray they are fabricated for your treatment for optimal comfort.

No Sensitivity

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products are known to cause sensitivity and discomfort. However, professional teeth whitening treatments are not known to cause this level of irritation, if any at all.

Safer Treatment

In addition to sensitivity, some over-the-counter teeth whitening products are known to cause damage and irritation to the gums, with professional teeth whitening treatment, this is something you will not have to worry about.

Faster Results

Certain over-the-counter teeth whitening products can often take weeks or even months to achieve the whitening results you desire with professional in-office whitening’s. You can get a whiter smile in under an hour!

At Ashton Avenue Dental Practice, we offer professional teeth whitening services at very competitive prices. Get done your teeth whitening treatment at our clinic. Call us today on 08 9385 6677 to book your appointment.

Dr. Nishant Vaishnav

Dr. Nishant Vaishnav believes in combining technology and education to provide the highest quality of dentistry. He takes pride in his work and endeavours to help everyone achieve a great smile. He graduated from University of Mumbai, India in year 2000. His perseverance led him to do further studies and completed his Masters in Periodontics in 2004. He is also a member of ITI. He works in the capacity of Principal and General Dentist at Ashton Avenue Dental Practice.

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